Our mission is to provide a structured sober living environment that guides the addict-alcoholic from their addiction and primary treatment to life as an active member of the recovering community.

Escalade Recovery Foundation is a community-based non-profit foundation committed to the promotion of recovery from alcoholism and chemical dependency. Founded by long-time members of the Bay-area recovering community, Escalade Foundation is committed to house and help reintegrate alcoholics and addicts into mainstream society. To accomplish these goals, we have established a unique sober-living environment. Our goal is to supplement primary treatment for addictive disorders and help alcoholics and addicts firmly establish themselves in the recovering community and then the mainstream community at large.

We are committed to using public/private funding so no one is denied treatment because of finances. We firmly believe that the highest-quality recovery is established in those who are exposed to a heterogeneous population. Our scholarship and financial-aid programs are designed to insure this principle. The following words and pictures fall short of capturing the spirit of recovery and the profound sense of connection our clients and staff share.

Escalade Recovery Foundation is certified by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office and is able to take court referrals, allowing alternative-sentencing options and possible early release from custody.

Escalade Recovery Foundation
380 S. 19th Street
San Jose, California 95116
Phone 408-998-4405 Fax 408-283-9038

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